A baby dееr gеts trappеd, and an animal cоntrоl оfficеr cоmеs tо thе rеscuе

Every day, police officers respond to reports of all sorts of events and nonevents, most of which never make the news.

Here is a sampling of lesser-known — but no less noteworthy — incidents from police log books (a.k.a. blotters) in our suburbs.

Earlier this week, ACO Smith was called to Carlisle for mutual aid to assist with a fawn trapped between a rock wall and fence. ACO Smith freed the fawn and confirmed the baby had no obvious injuries.

The fawn was then released into a covered wood line to await it’s mother and stay hidden from predators.

Special thanks to the Carlisle Police Officers that recognized this fawn needed assistance!

Credit by Billerica & Tewksbury Animal Control

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