Thе Frеnch Bulldօg Gеts Excitеd Thinking That Thе Pօlicе Hօrsе Is A “Giant Dօg” And Cօmеs Tօ Gеt Acquaintеd (VIDEO)

This French Bulldog was mesmerized by police horses.

A man was on his way back to his Wall Street office after lunch to see a crowd gathered around police horses patrolling the area.

Instinctively, he was also curious to see what was around so many people, when he arrived he was surprised to see a cute little French Bulldog frolicking around an NYPD horse!

Apparently, the French Bulldog was going for a walk and was mesmerized by the sight of the horses. Cute Bulldog gets too excited when he thinks they are “big dogs”, and wants to be friends.

The dog’s owner wouldn’t let him cross the patrol fence, but the hyperactive dog continued to tug at the horse when begging it to play.

In this video we see the horse’s friendly gesture towards the cute French Bulldog. The horse has undergone thorough training so he always remains stern and focused in situations that could cause chaos.

But after a while the dog approached the horse and understood that the cute little dog meant no harm and just wanted to be friends.

The horse lowers its head and lets the dog interact with it. The cute dog jumped up and down with joy, his eyes narrowed and kissed the horse many times!

That other moment was so sweet! No wonder so many passersby stop by to witness this rare delight!

Click on the video below to see the entire dog befriending the police pony!

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